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Vintage Crochet Potholder Pattern

I like to say it in a pirate voice and say, "It's me bane of me existence. We had a discussion when I was visiting family over Christmas about people who pronounce Houston "You-ston. It's "Muh-hay-uh.

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They lost, to a team that is ranked fourth in the country. Oh well. The other team's quarterback had been sacked twice all season and our team sacked him twice in the first half. It was fun to watch, though, especially the signs and ribbons and things all over town supporting the team. Our team's uniforms were used as the model for the Panthers in "Friday Night Lights" on NBC and part of the show was filmed at our high school.

And one of the schools that our team beat to advance in the playoffs was Dallas Carter, which was the team that defeated the Permian Panthers during the season that the "Friday Night Lights" book was based on. Draco has decided that I need to sign up for Nutrisystem. I told him he was being rude.


Denise, I'm still stumped on how you are getting one syllable out of vehicle. Even if I say it fast: vee-kle, I still get two! Happy birthday, Marie! Only two more days and then back to work! Boy, time flies. Veicl Merriam-Webster at www. On their website you may click the image to hear the pronunciation. Or stay here and enjoy teasing out what other members mean by their "phonetic" spellings. I vote to continue here! Pennsylvania Pen-sil-vane-ya four syllables! Anyone care to guess on "Kasawago"?

I went and listened, and it seems to me that the first pronunciation had two syllables and the second had three. Sirius when I told him I was going to see Lewes a cute little town pronounced Lew-is which just happened to be the name of a very good looking neighbor! That is close as I can come to a phoentic spelling of how I say vehicle. I don't put any pause in there at all Sounds like the first one on M-W Clap, I dare ya! It is one!

The only way I can get two is to say veea-cull but I don't say it that way.

Madam Pince, many of our teachers wear jeans and a sweater every day or almost every day. On Fridays, many of us wear the school T or sweatshirt with a turtleneck and jeans or trousers. As long as they are neat--not torn or otherwise inappropriate-looking--they are considered acceptable. In other school districts in town, I am not sure they would be considered acceptable teacher attire; however, I have found that out here in farm country, a more casual dress code works.

Merriam-Webster at www. Perhaps I'm mistaken, John, but I see the ve-? The presence of the k? I'll have to dig out my textbooks and have a look at Grimm's Law to find the official reasons. In-N-Out Burger! I miss their burgers!! I ask for bun-meat-bun. No fixin's in the burger. Completely plain. I pronounce Houston "Heus-ton". I also lived there for about 3 years. Off to fight the crowds at the DMV.


Have to pay my car registration. Then it is to the post office to mail my friend's Christmas present talk about procrastination! LOL , then on to Good Will. I was up until 2 am last night cleaning out everything.


Place looks so much better now! Have a great weekend everyone! We don't have In-N-Out here, but we do have Harvey's which is an absolute national treasure. Charbroiled burgers topped as you want them. I developed the 'Pesky burger' as a ten-year-old: a cheeseburger with ketchup, mayo and just a sprinkle of onions.

It hasn't failed to raise the eyebrows of each server who has made it over the years, but I've stuck to it! As for 'double-double', it refers to double cream and double sugar in one's coffee order especially at Tim Horton's. We pronounce the letter Z as 'Zed' over here? Does anyone else do this?

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In that case, I was taught the alphabet with 'Zed', but children nowadays are taught phonetically. Naturally, I prefer the way I was taught. Although I had no idea what it's called in Britain, we do know it's 'Zee' in America, and as we watched American Sesame Street as children we learned early on of the double nature of this letter why, it's practically the Severus Snape of the alphabet.

However, kids nowadays watch Canadian Sesame Street so I have no idea what they're learning to call it! I pronounce zebra as 'zee-bra', but I've recently heard it pronounced as 'zeb-ra' rhymes with Debra on T. Is this a common pronunciation in parts of the world? Is there a Canadian Sesame Street? Did not know that! I just got back to the States and hit the Magic Button. There was no way I could stay awake long enough to read posts!

Missed you all and hope you had a great New Year's Eve! LOL I say Zee-bra!

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It's like Nevada too. I pronounce it "ne-vaaaa-da", my dad says 'ne vad- a" and he also says 'lav - a" in stead of "La - va". Drives me crazy! LOL How do people in Nevada say it? Ohh Sheila, you have to tell us all about it! Did you take a picture of the trolley at King's Cross?