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He said the fighting between nuclear India and nuclear Pakistan in did not constitute a major war. Jervis said.

More than his views on particular foreign-policy issues, it was Mr. Waltz argued that in a region, the Mideast, that had only one nuclear power, Israel, another would be a stabilizing force. Iran, he said, would be unlikely to use the bomb because Iranian leaders, however hateful, were not self-destructive. Equally controversial was Mr. Here he pointed to the example of Col.

The thoughtless waltz into war with Iran - spiked

Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, who Mr. Waltz argued may have hastened his own destruction by relinquishing his nuclear program in Recently, Mr. Gelb arranged a luncheon with Mr. Waltz and Mr. Kissinger, who categorically opposed the idea of Iran having the bomb. Gelb recalled.

Though he did not invent the concept, he showed how it worked. The book became a standard text.

The thoughtless waltz into war with Iran

In , Mr. Waltz and the Stanford University scholar Scott D. They updated and expanded the discussion in subsequent editions.

Waltz had begun teaching at Columbia in when, as a member of the Army Reserve, he was called to serve in the Korean War.