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Remains confirmed to be missing Beatrice man

The first is a simulcast of the analog signal, while the second airs increased news programming as well as jazz.

Both stream live on the Internet. National radio programming carried on the radio network is distributed by NPR. NET's radio service is committed to providing programs that inform, entertain, and inspire most of the communities of Nebraska. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nebraska Alumni Magazine. Retrieved March 11, NET Nebraska press release. Retrieved Retrieved 15 June The Washington Post.

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Archived from the original on Links to related articles. Television stations in Southeastern and Central Nebraska , including Lincoln. KSNB 4. KWNB 6. KMNE 7. KMTV 3. WOWT 6. Television stations in the North Platte, Nebraska area. KNOP 2. White, who liked to carve wood and write poetry, became friends with them, too. They started making a low-budget pornographic film. In the fifties, after the invention of direct dialing, the building was converted into apartments, which were occupied mostly by elderly females and young single working women.

A few months after Taylor returned to Beatrice, Helen Wilson, who lived alone on the first floor, was raped and suffocated.

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A grandmother, Wilson had played bingo a few nights a week and volunteered at the nursery of the Methodist church, a half block away. The police assumed that the culprit was someone lost in a religious fervor—there were several other churches nearby—or a homosexual, because Wilson had been raped anally. A psychological profile developed by the F. More than three hundred people were interviewed, including White. He had never met Wilson. She stopped drinking and worked, in vain, to repair her relationship with her mother. The Wilson case went cold. A short but bullish man who enjoyed watching crime shows on television, Searcey was unfulfilled by his work on the farm, and he began delving into the case as an unpaid private investigator.

Price asked Searcey to stop pulling him over; it was embarrassing. In March, , Searcey drafted an arrest warrant for Taylor and White, based on information that he had collected as a private investigator.

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When Price learned of the arrest warrant, he was disappointed in Taylor. Searcey, Price, and the sheriff took a private plane to Alabama, to interrogate and arrest White, who had returned to his home town, Holly Pond.

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The next day, the three men flew to North Carolina and arrested Taylor. Her long black hair is parted down the middle, and she wears large glasses. She has already taken responsibility for the crime—she says that White pressured her into it—but struggles to recall the details and, like a deferential student, asks for help. Taylor and White were brought back to Beatrice, where Taylor requested a private counselling session with Price.

It may occur in bits and pieces. If memory is like a house, it is one that is constantly under construction. At first, she told Searcey that the rape had occurred in a white, single-story house with a porch, much like the house that she had lived in as a young child. I hear it as clear as a bell.

It was an act of compassion. Ralph Stevens, a cop with the Beatrice Police Department who participated in the early stages of the investigation, thought that Taylor was delusional. The police department was removed from the investigation shortly thereafter. Winslow, who was twenty-three, had dainty, feminine features, curly blond hair, and big hands, which he waved in the air when he talked. He had been bullied in school. Like Taylor, he had once seen Price for therapy.

He focuses on the discomfort of others and tries to make everyone feel better. Like Taylor, he recalls details that fit with his self-conception, describing the crime as part of an unfortunate pattern in his life.

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The state serologist was surprised that none of the three suspects had Type B blood. Shelden, who was thirty, had been sexually abused as a child by her stepfather. Now she was married and had a child. Her name was on a list of possible suspects, friends of White and Winslow, compiled by the county attorney. She answered most of his questions with vague and succinct phrases, avoiding verbal risks. She told Searcey that she had helped the three others gain entrance to the apartment, but, when she saw what was happening, she tried to intervene.

White pushed her away. Searcey pressed her to reveal whether a fifth person had been in the apartment. Her court-appointed lawyer, Paul Korslund, who later became the mayor of Beatrice and then a judge for the First District Court in Nebraska, asked Price if he would meet with her. Korslund assumed that she had been so traumatized by the murder that she had forgotten what had happened. When Shelden heard descriptions of the rape, she covered her ears.

Like Taylor and Winslow, Shelden was predisposed to trust Price. A decade before, the child-welfare office had become worried about her parenting skills. James Dean was arrested the next day.

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It was his twenty-fifth birthday, and he and a team of construction workers had just finished demolishing houses in Lincoln, fifty miles from Beatrice. He was booked into the Gage County jail. In a long session with Price, seventeen days after his arrest, Dean began crying and said that, as a child, he had been beaten by his father and his brother-in-law. Price proposed to Dean that these childhood experiences had created a fear of violence, which caused him to repress his memories of the crime.

The six suspects had all been brought up in small white towns, where they considered police officers their guardians. He said his brother-in-law had also forced him to do things that made him uncomfortable, like steal tires. Dean described it as a videotape, a metaphor appropriate for the eighties.