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Course goals 1.

To simplify and explain in detail the world of the stock market and investing. To provide a thorough education in stocks, bonds, warrants, mutual funds and other key elements of investing. To provide a clear understanding of how the stock market system works and explain key procedures such as issuing stocks and warrants, trading options, calculating the selling and purchase prices of a mutual fund, and much more.

It includes all 10 courses offered by Global Finance School. Along with the DVD you will receive an activation code that will unlock that course that you purchased and can be used up to 3 times!

Want to sign up for another course? It is more a personal finance book. But it is one that I often recommend should be the starting point for beginner investors.

Bonds for Beginners by Shlomo Simanovsky

Because it deals with the really important questions - Should you be investing at all, given your personal financial situation? How should you think about savings vs investments? How should you set up your personal investment goals? And it does give you a good introductory walk through simple investment strategies you could start with. Stocks for the Long Run , by Jeremy Siegel : If you have a single conservative bone in you, you will find yourself asking the question - should I invest in the stock market at all?

Who needs that?

Essential Finance For Managers | Udemy

If you have ever said some versions of the above to yourself, read Jeremy Siegel. Once you read this book, you will not ever question the financial wisdom of investing a substantial part of your portfolio in the stock market. And also that Siegel recommended buying stocks in Aug - we know how that turned out. But don't let those criticisms stop you from reading this book.

It is a gem and for my money, one of the best investment books of all time. Shocker for readers of Brick and Rope, I am sure. Of the many books written about the Oracle of Omaha, this is one of my favorites. Short, simple, accessible and insightful. I wouldn't recommend that this be the first book you read, but when you are done with 1 and 2 above, pick this up.

Not just does this explain the genius of the man, it does so in a way that will leave you with simple tips you could use in your investment life. Email This BlogThis!

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Priyanka Rajkhowa 07 August, Anonymous 20 August, JS 22 August, Jamie 18 September, Forex FX-Trader 16 December, Anonymous 25 June, Timon berg 11 December, Froodo 09 February, Mickey James 13 February, Jones Methews 13 March, Joseph Roolins 16 June, Take control of your organisation's financial health.

Your organisation's financial statements contain valuable data about your company's operating results, financial viability, and profitability. The relationship between certain items of financial information can be used to identify areas where your organisation excels and, more importantly, where there are opportunities for improvement. Using, understanding, and interpreting these statements will help you make much better business decisions.

Get the skills you need to help your make vital financial decisions. Essential Finance for Managers is packed with 79 lectures of fundamental instruction to help you improve your skills and learn how to harness the power of number crunching to maximize your success. Who this course is for:. Course content. Expand all 79 lectures Finance For Managers : Recommended Reading.

The Definition of Finance. Preview The Essence of Finance. How Accounting And Finance Differ.

Essential Finance For Managers

Understanding Your Organization With Finance. The Role Of Finance. Accounting As A Language. Test Yourself! Apple's Income Statement. Critical Balance Sheet Vocabulary. Important Terminology.