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Der Tag im Überblick

I also use a white yeast dough as a basis for apple and plum cakes. Now I know what everybody was talking about. My sons 16 and 14 are very much into fantasy books, they are exciting, adventurous and not too many corpses involved If you are interested, I could give you some titles they have recently wolfed down.

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BTW, they still love their weekly Mickey Mouse magazine very much, although I would have thought they would find it a bit too childish by now Comment Selkie fuer das Bett an sich. I bake bread quite often. We like to have bio-whole wheat bread, which we can't get in our bakeries. They just put in a few grains of sunflower seed and call it then wholemeal. I usually bye Dinkel, a wheat variety, at a local farm and mill the grains myself.

The bread is delicious and it's very easy. Are you interested in the recipe? Comment Sawehe As I wrote, my son loves to read and he read a lot of fantasy books.

I have two more kids 17 and 15 so he benefits from the older ones. He also loves the Mickey Mouse book, he sits there for hours and giggles..

Comment sawehe: Even though I wasn't asked I am going to answer somehow I do that very often ;- : Would you be so kind to post some titles, please? My son's also 16 and it is really difficult to find books. Last time I asked the shop assistant she recommanded some books saying "well, they are a bit cruel, but kids are used to that nowadays". Well, maybe they are, but I don't want to be the one providing my son with even more "blood and guts". Comment sorry, uke, I didn't go back to your original posting about what your son reads.

You can get more information and also readers' assessments if you look them up at Amazon as you probably know Cornelia Funke: Tintenherz, Tintenblut third volume to come out this or next year; I love them very much myself Christopher Paolini: Eragon Vol 1 and 2, 3 is to come. I agree with you that the argument is that a false friend again - can't be bothered to check right now "kids are used to cruelty nowadays" is rubbish. I agree with you that this is one of the few tasks left to us parents of 16 year olds that we try to take a little influence on things like what kinds of books we buy them.

Comment Ah, I forgot one of my favorite fantasy series, boys haven't tried them so far, but might do so they sometimes find it difficult to follow a recommendation of Mum, I remember that when I was that age I read them too and I liked them very much. I got once a recommendation in a bookstore: Das Schwert in der Stille. It's the first of a trilogy.


My older son liked it very much, the younger one didn't. It's a bloodthirsty Japanese middle ages story although not placed in real Japan. I didn't like it for all the cruelty that seemed to be normal life in those days. Comment uke, have you read the Artemis Fowl ones? I have seen them often in the bookshops but we haven't tried them. Ok ok, I AM working, this was just a little side glance Comment I didn't read the Artemis Fowl myself, but the kids liked it and a quick glance in the book didn't reveal any cruelties.

Artemis Fowl seems to bee just cool. This is very helpful and I will certainly check on those books. Comment sawehe, babs: Have you read Neil Gaiman's books? I was surprised they weren't on your list ;- They're very captivating - try 'Neverwhere' Niemalsland or 'Anansi Boys' that one is the funniest - I personally love 'Stardust' a kind of fairy tale, maybe not so good for boys. Nica, acutally I have "Niemalsland" somewhere at home, thanks for reminding me :- all: Have a nice weekend. Comment Hi! I'm a Washingtonian snail, but I've lived in CA too.

Debates - Wednesday, 5 July

I wasn't sure whether hermarphromoose was just kidding when she asked, "Sag mal, wo liegt denn el Pueblo de Porciuncula? Bluesky Arbeitlos? Welche Roller spilet deine Arbeitslosigkeit in deinem Alltag? Comment Thanks everybody for the book titles, I shall certainly look them up. I am just sliming in briefly to announce that I won't be here until Monday, hopefully not even longer than that. The ultimate internet GAU has got me: I am changing my provider, and the old one has cut me off this morning, and not set free or whatever you call it the port whatever that may be.

After about an hour of phoning stupid people in terrible hotlines, I got as far as a promise from them that they'll set this port thing free on Monday. I don't know how I can survive this, but since at one point in my discussion with them there was the idea that it could take as much as 3 weeks before I would be connected again, I feel ok with Monday At the moment, I am sitting at my friend's computer doing the most important work things emails. If you open a new thread, please put in Hochlichter for me, will you?

In some cities, this role is performed by the mayor; in contrast, a city manager is a non-political bureaucrat hired by the city council. Comment Some cities in the US have a city manager form of administration, others don't. I think the closest equivalent in Germany is the "Stadtdirektor" type of administration, which has mostly been abolished in recent years best I gather from the news. Comment Hi all! In my town, Muelheim an der Ruhr, the Lord Mayor is also City Manager - "Chef der Stadtverwaltung", which, occasionally, does not go down very well with the citizens Comment By the way, Fujiapple, we don't call it "Stadtregierung" but "Stadtverwaltung" administration.

In der Stadt wo ich Wohnsitz habe gibt es ja einen "City manager" und einen "Planning manager" unter anderem. Das Ganze ist nicht so leicht zu verstehen. Comment FujiApple: I'd say " Comment FujiApple: My town has a population of, roughly, , Comment I'm off now! Good night, FujiApple and everyone else! Hope to see you again soon.

Have a nice evening in your neck of the woods Over here it is past 1am Saturday. See you soon! Comment Danke Wolfman. Gute Nacht und schlaf gut. Bis bald. Comment FujiApple - a place with only inhabitants would be called a 'Dorf' by most people. If I can believe Wikipedia, a city is called that when it has at least inhabitants in Germany and in Austria, but I think in colloquial usage is still a 'Dorf'. Comment a bit of a non-sequiteur: is anybody at all interested in forming a Tom Lehrer appreciation society?

I am completely smitten - the rhymes "my pulse is quickening with each drop of strych-en-in Americakers, are you keeping anymore talents like that all to yourselves while you swamp the world with "Friends" and such like? What a guy. Comment Eine Tom-Lehrer-Liebhaberin! Ev'ry Sunday you'll see My sweetheart and me, As we poison the pigeons in the park.

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When they see us coming, the birdies all try an' hide, But they still go for peanuts when coated with cyanide. The sun's shining bright, Ev'rything seems all right, When we're poisoning pigeons in the park. They call it impiety, And lack of propriety, And quite a variety Of unpleasant names. But it's not against any religion To want to dispose of a pigeon.

So if Sunday you're free, Why don't you come with me, And we'll poison the pigeons in the park. And maybe we'll do In a squirrel or two, While we're poisoning pigeons in the park. We'll murder them all amid laughter and merriment.

Der Tag im Überblick

Except for the few we take home to experiment. My pulse will be quickenin' With each drop of strychnine We feed to a pigeon. It just takes a smidgin!

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To poison a pigeon in the park. But they only bake there deep frozen Teiglinge - it's the word used in German. So I don't would name it a bakery but the above mentioned. And no, I don't bake bread. Where do you live? On the leftpondian side? And if it weren't for the lack of money, it is not so bad at all.

I have enough time to read several newspapers and to surf the yellow boxes. Re City manager: there are two diffrent meanings. In some states the city manager is "Chef der Stadtverwaltung" as mentioned. For a city you need at least Tauben vergiften. Comment Hello, FujiApple, it's colder than usual. I forgot to cover my camellias. I know 'curiosity killed the cat', but what is your 'native' language? You can take the Fifth.