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‘Minorities are very important sections of the community’

Head slightly inland and you can enjoy the likes of the New Forest in Hampshire, the South Downs in Sussex and cultural cities like Canterbury in Kent. There are many contrasting landscapes in the North of England, from the unspoilt mountains in the Lake District to the vast rolling countryside of Yorkshire.

Walled Garden

Choose from the peaks of Snowdonia, the honey-coloured villages of the Cotswolds, the unspoilt wilderness of the Cairngorms. If you would like help or to book over the phone call Call or Open live chat Open today from 9am to 9pm! New to our site? Create an account. This little granary dates back to the 16th century, with traditional features together with the contemporary amenities and beautiful countryside views, with plenty to see and do nearby.

This quirky and unique property for two is ideally located in the county of Wiltshire and provides an excellent base to explore the abundance of activities and attractions on offer. Located just off the A36 there are easily accessible day trips just around the corner like Stonehenge, Longleat House, Longleat Safari and Salisbury to mention a few. If all this sounds too exhausting, a day relaxing at the property and beautiful garden will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

The Victorian Walled Garden & Garden Blog

Stepping through the front door and into this beautiful studio style property you will be greeted with high oak beams, adding to the character of this outstanding property. The lounge area has two huge sofas, a hide away pull-out double bed and a TV with Sky HS movies and sports package. Off the kitchen is a shower room with shower and WC. Sneaked away in the corner of the lounge is a ladder style staircase leading to the first-floor mezzanine level, king-size bedroom, a snug and romantic area looking down onto the rest of the property.

The courtyard is the perfect spot to relax, reflect on the day and admire the beautiful little granary. There is off-road parking for two cars. Reviewed by John, 18th October Excellent property with a lovely welcome pack on arrival, clean and modern facilities. On the negative side you have to take your life in your hands walking on a busy road to reach the village and to top it off the pub is now closed until further notice! Reviewed by Jean, 23rd September An exceptionally clean, well equipped studio. Lovely, private courtyard to sit in , weather permitting!

Proximity to both the A36 and the A meant there was traffic noise, though this did mean there were good communication links to Bath, Warminster, Salisbury etc.

Reviewed by Alex, 6th September This property joined our collection in the last 12 months and is managed by Sue. Reviewed by John, 18th October Excellent property with a lovely welcome pack on arrival, clean and modern facilities. Reviewed by Jean, 23rd September An exceptionally clean, well equipped studio. To arrange group bookings across one or more of these properties, call our team to check availability and book.

The South West Well known for its rugged coastline and traditional English countryside, the West Country offers a diverse array of breathtaking landscapes. All of Wales Read more. Wales A varied landscape where mountains tower above lush river valleys and glassy lakes, interrupted only by charming towns, villages and many historic castles.

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Second, everyone would be able to access the BBC in private. Your tastes, your culture, your enthusiasms, your politics — all of these could be developed without the eye of anyone upon you.

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If you closed the door, no one, not the busybodies down the road, nor the religious authorities, nor the government could track what you were listening to. Third, Reith was convinced that broadcasting, with this peculiar capability of reaching everyone, should also provide for everyone. Using the privilege brought by the income from the licence fee, it should serve the thinly scattered few as well as the many. In the s, the BBC had no past, only a future. It had plenty of difficulties to negotiate — then as now, a hostile and protective press, a government to convince of its ideas, enormous practical and technical hurdles.

But compared with the present time, when the BBC is both beloved institution and political and cultural battle ground, an organisation whose its every movement minutely examined and raked over, it was free: a start-up with an inventive young team, idealistic and experimental. Broadcasting today, despite its appeal to the public imagination, is really only in the position of the prehistoric fisherman who put out a few hundred yards from shore in his frail coracle or dug-out … We may be certain, therefore, that the work of the past few years … is but shallow-water fishing in relation to ocean navigation.

There is a quality of inventiveness, ingenuity and resourcefulness that has run through the BBC. That no engineer now sits on the executive board would have surprised Eckersley — for him the BBC was as importantly an engineering company as a broadcaster, and he and his successors had the institutional clout to match. He himself foresaw multichannel cable TV and air conditioning and double glazing in I see the interior of a living room.

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The wide windows are formed from double panes of glass, fixed and immovable. John Birt had a similar moment of vatic clarity, albeit over a shorter timeframe, in a speech he gave in , shortly before departing as director general. They will want all programmes on demand at a time of their choosing. They will want services that focus on their personal passions, perspectives and needs. And they will want those services to be available on all media, wherever they are — at home; in the workplace; or on the move.

The last was the product, so BBC folk memory goes, of a drunken night out in after a digital worker got into trouble posting an inappropriate photograph of the model Katie Price on the BBC3 website. Requiring a redemptive idea to stave off disgrace, he and colleagues came up with the notion of a video-on-demand service for the channel. Four years and 86 internal meetings later, the iPlayer was born. What are the ideas that will sustain the BBC in the years to come?

Within the next 18 to 36 months, the BBC, as accessed through the web, will understand and reflect your innermost desires and delights, and will offer you more and more, across all its genres, based on your past preferences. Importantly, it will do this disinterestedly: it will not try to sell you other services, or pass on details of your private predilections to any third party.

The BBC — if you want it to — will also connect you to others who share those interests, according to Hall, and will try to build digital communities of viewers. The BBC is coming late to this kind of game. If you want to talk with others about The Great British Bake Off or the Archers, Twitter is already established as the place to do it, or live blogs. Indeed, earlier online communities — such as the Radio 3 and Archers message boards , whose users were often deeply critical of BBC policy — were closed down by the BBC, with specific suggestions from administrators that the discussion should migrate to Twitter and Facebook.

The BBC has traditionally been something of a fortress, a citadel; you have been either within it or outside. Hall is determined to change that. Instead of the portcullis being shut the BBC will, in the future, send its audiences out of the castle precincts and towards the work of other organisations whose values it shares. His recent appointments — Bob Shennan as head of music, Jonty Claypole as head of arts — are to cut through the BBC paralysis and tear down the walls of the citadel.

It remains to be seen whether they will succeed. Part of the idea behind the proposed migration of BBC3 online is to allow formats and programmes to loosen up and become more web-friendly: there may be chances, for example, for comics to test out short chunks of material to see whether they fly.

We have got to be the people who have enough confidence to be able to say that we are going to back things that may not work. Twenty years ago, it could be a fortress because the world of broadcasting in Britain was organised to accommodate it.

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