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Cordell & Cordell understands the concerns men face during divorce.

These inspirational pregnancy quotes and sayings put into words the emotions, love, and beautiful bond that develops when your expecting. Looking for the baby quotes or mother and child quotes? Then check out these awesome a love for a child quotes and sayings.

Being a mother is incredible! These inspirational mom quotes put into words the feelings, strength and love a mother has for her children. Looking for the best son quotes to celebrate the special bond that exists between and mother and her son? Be inspired with these beautiful motherhood quotes. Looking for the best daughter quotes to celebrate the special bond that exists between and mother and her daughter?

Join our community of like-minded Mums and feel supported, inspired, and encouraged as we discover the journey of motherhood together. Share Pin This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Read More Accept. Learn More. Necessary Always Enabled. Don't Go It Alone! Join Now. And the way that things always become centric to her and her positions even my wanting to have a child or adopting makes me so mistrustful that she has my best interests at heart.

Or that she even really knows who I am. At the same time, I know she wants the best for me — its all so complicated. So thank you for sharing, I wish you strength and positivity in your journey. I came back today to read more comments because this post has really stuck with me over the last 24 hours. Holding you all in the light. I did the exact same thing, and reacted in the exact same way. Telling the truth about our experiences is so important for ourselves. I always envied women who said their mom was their idol and best friend, I never knew what that was like.

There was a lot of manipulation, guilt and shame in our home growing up, but thankfully we live in a world that provides a lot room for dialogue and awareness about those types of family situations. Thank God for self-help books and therapy!! I wonder how many women have chosen not to have children because of how they were treated by their mothers, and fearful of turning into the same person with their children.

It was painfully obvious that my mom had children because that was the norm back then. I wryly joke with my husband that my dad wanted 4 children, my mom wanted 0, and they compromised with 2! Growing up, she picked my sister to be her favorite and they did best-friend type activities like makeup shopping and going to the movies.

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As a child and teen I heard my fair share of stories of what she had to give up after I was born an amazing career, exotic travel, etc. Parents can really mess up their kids. I wish you healing and peace, thank you for sharing. May I offer a small suggestion? I tell my husband this all the time.

I had a rough childhood. Still, I wish he could meet the person she used to be. This is exactly what I try to explain to my husband and family. As a new mom, I am committed to… almost obsessed with wanting to ensure that my daughter and I have a wonderful relationship and that she never feels like our relationship is lacking in any way. I love her so much. My Mom is a very kind person, but since my father died a few years ago, our relationship has changed.

Our roles have reversed and I often find myself in the parent role of trying to soothe or reason with her. She just seems to want to mope and make me feel guilty. Wishing you the best.

You are not alone. WHen you lose one parent, you sometimes feel like you lose two. I definitely understand feeling guilty. Sending you hugs. What did she do to raise such a great daughter who clearly still adores her mom? I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old and often wonder what Jean would do in some of my tough parenting situations! This was a great article anyway — thanks. My mom was a great mother in so many ways.

She put us first and told us, everyday, she loved us. The anger I held on to was that she was just a human trying to figure it all out too she made mistakes in terms of exposing me to bad people, abusive behavior, but now I see she was living in her own battles. She was a young mother, but she was a loving mother. It was a moment of just helping each other figure this out, talking it through, the love of the past present, resentment released. This is wonderful. One of the reader comments right at the top was that she had a fine relationship with her mom: she enjoyed her company and depended on her little emotionally.

This is true for me as well, but the trouble is that I think my mom resents me for not being more totally? So communicating is hard. Oh my, yes!! This is exactly me too. My sister is sooo emotionally dependent on my mom and not in a healthy way, and I am not. I feel her resentment for this often but too many times she has either used my feeling against me or twisted them around so much to make her the victim that I just try not to engage at all anymore.

Thank you for your comment it really helped me! It kills my heart as she is mine.

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Any advice, encouragement? When we just can never get on the same page. It hurts all the time. Being a mom is hard…being a mom with baggage, deep hurts is so hard. The season of disconnect with your eldest might feel never-ending, but it is always possible that a new season is coming. It sounds like you are working diligently to not repeat the traumas and patterns of the past, and that in and of itself is major! Wow, what an amazing post and group of readers! I grieve for all of the sad stories and cheer on everyone doing so well. My relationship with my mother is fine — I depend on her very little, especially emotionally, but I enjoy her company now and appreciate all the things she does and has done over the years to try and show how she cares.

Finding other women — friends, mentors, mother-figures, role models — to support me has been one of the most powerfully positive forces in my life. I hope to help my children cultivate these types of relationships as well as I think that having many adults in your life as a child and as you grow is a beautiful thing.

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I feel like my relationship with my parents is very important, but it is also not the ultimate for me, for which I am grateful. This touched home. I have the theory that not everyone should have kids. I also have the theory that there are two type of parents, those who love their kids more than their partners, and those that love their partners more than their kids.

Because I never had that relationship. She is selfish, like really selfish. She sees her own reality.

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Once they divorced, she kept saying that I was the only person I had left in the world. So for me, it was impossible to bond with her at that point, and never made myself available for her I know, not a good kid either. Like, what mom ever says that to a 27 year old that just lost his dad?

I might had made no sense at all, but when I think about her, alllll this stuff comes to my mind. All tangled together. There is no way of untangling it for me. Not having had a mom role in my life makes my question my ability of being a good mom to my kids. If it helps at all, I can relate.