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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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The Tizerkane have not been in Zosma for over years, and outsiders have never been invited into the city. He claims that long ago the library and university were crushed. They need scholars to help them with one final problem. Using the knowledge he stole from Lazlo, Nero is invited along on the journey back to the Unseen city.

When he mentions that he has seen the white bird, he is invited along. Riding spectrals, they travel for six months before they reach the Unseen city. We learn of five blue, half-human children of murdered gods that are trapped in the citadel that floats over the Unseen city. The citadel is made of blue metal and is shaped like a great angel. When their parents were killed in what they call the Carnage, all doors of the citadel were either fused shut or open, depending on their state when it happened.

They have been there for fifteen years. The others are Sparrow, who can make things grow, Ruby, who can create fire, Feral who can call clouds, and Minya who can tether the dead to herself. They have had ghosts to look over them these long years. They escaped the killing of their parents six ruling gods and all of the other half-human children fifteen years ago because of Minya. Their one rule is to allow no evidence of life show from the citadel. Minya is angrier at the humans than the rest. Minya has gone unchanged theses fifteen years. She still appears as a six-year-old.

The moths leave her in the evening and return before sunup. She sleeps during the day. Minya brings the ghost of a human into the citadel, and he tells them that the godslayer is returning. He draws near in a caravan. This terrifies Sarai and the others. They will likely be slaughtered. Lazlo makes a new friend named Calixte on the road. They draw near to the Unseen city and find that enormous bones of demons litter the trail. They behold the floating citadel that is tethered by anchors on the ground using some sort of magnetic force.

They are to find a way to get rid of it. It has hung over the city for years. The citadel was once manipulated by the mind of Skathis, one of the gods. Another god, at her death, swallowed the name of the city and made everyone forget. While they ruled over weep they would steal people, mostly girls, away for a year or so and they would return home with no memory of the year but with bodily evidence of pregnancy.

She kept him for three years. In every dream, she is an invisible bystander. She can control the dream and make it a nightmare as Minya wishes her to do as punishment to the humans.

How to Control Your Dreams

She has done this to her father many times and is the reason that he chooses to sleep outside the city. Lazlo, however, can see Sarai in his dream. Lazlo and the other travelers begin making preparations, each using their own knowledge to experiment ways to move or destroy the citadel. Sarai learns that Minya has been keeping all the dead from Weep for years hidden away in a secret room. She arms them with kitchen knives, and they stand guard. They are hers to control, but Sarai can see them pleading with their eyes to help them.

Her blood is toxic to vampires and a special branch of the government expects her to become a vampire hunter. Oh and she has no choice in the matter if she wants the medicine she needs to live. Suddenly, she is training with a hot new mentor and killing vampires and trying to cope with the reality that she might never be able to leave Alaska. Her home life is a mess and her best friend dumps her. The only bright spot is Fane, the unattractive, yet oddly compelling bad boy who suddenly shows interest in her. I loved this book. I especially liked Fane.

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One of my favorite scenes is the bus scene. Read it and you'll see what I mean. All the characters are well developed and contributed something to the story. Her parents were totally dysfunctional. The government agents were suspicious and obviously not telling everything. Her new friends were colorful. Dante was hot and adorable at the same time. There was danger and humor and enough sexual situations to make this book NA even though the main character is a teenager.

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It all fit together very well in a clever story that hooked me from the first scene. I really enjoyed the story and the writing style of Nikki Jefford.

Aurora Sky (Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter, #1) by Nikki Jefford

The new concept of the vampire hunter that she brought along really caught my attention. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next installment! I definitely think you should give this book a try : As I mentioned before, I really enjoyed the new concept that Nikki Jefford had with the vampire hunters. Also, this book was a very quick read for me.

It was a definite page turner and had lots of elements that grabs your attention. I enjoyed the majority of the characters in this book. Aurora is the only one I don't know where I stand. At times I liked her, but then at times I didn't. After the accident a new Aurora emerged. Her behavior was entertaining to me because I felt like she was acting out, but then I started to wonder why exactly she started acting like that. Was it the whole situation that was sprung on her in general?

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Fane was awesome : In the beginning I didn't know if he was going to be a major asset to the book, but as I continued to read about him, the more and more I liked him! The chemistry between Fane and Aurora was a plus and I can't wait to see how things turn out in book 2.