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The pour over method lets you make the perfect amount of coffee whenever you need it. It depends on how you like your coffee, but we honestly think how you measure coffee and grind your beans just before you brew has more of an impact.

12 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour over fanatics insist this method—especially if you skip the paper filter—gives your coffee more natural flavor. Whether or not the pour over method makes your brew taste better is up for debate. The best way to figure it out is to try it yourself. What definitely makes your morning better is taking the time to appreciate your brewing process and discovering a new ritual for your morning cup of coffee.

Caffeine is associated with frenzied mornings or stressful late nights, so taking the time to slow down and enjoy your coffee might be just what the barista ordered. Dying to try some pour over coffee? The cravings are hitting us hard too.

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Between a stainless steel permanent filter, glass lid, and optional heat-resistant collar, the Yama Pour Over Coffee Maker has a solution for every potential problem with pour over coffee. The borosilicate glass carafe helps your coffee retain heat without picking up any old flavors, so you get a fresh brew every time. What comes in five different colors, has a gorgeous flower petal structure, and brews a heavenly cup of joe? Made of high-quality Japanese porcelain, it effortlessly combines style and function.

The flower petals lining the walls of brewer allow the coffee grounds to expand fully within the filter for better saturation, which means a more robust cup of coffee. No two ceramics are exactly alike because each one is handmade.

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The raised grooves inside the funnel help channel the water for an even and consistent brew every time. Fun fact: Melitta gets its name from Melitta Bentz, the German housewife who invented the paper coffee filter and eventually pour over coffee makers. All our favorites are stainless steel, so you simply have to rinse them before reusing.

It also has a metal handle at the top to make disposing of your grounds a breeze. Designed to be cleaned in under a minute, the pour over coffee maker from Meltera is a simple way to start your day. The stand also removes for easier and more thorough cleaning. The wide base can fit most coffee cups and travel mugs, plus it has a non-slip silicone ring to prevent spills and scratches. Like the Dolce maker, the ultra fine mesh serves as an eco-friendly, reusable filter.

The wide stand can fit most coffee cups or travel mugs and it has a rubber grip to prevent slipping. It also comes with a stainless steel coffee scooper so you can get the perfect amount of coffee every time you brew. These pour over coffee makers can gloriously tackle more than one cup at a time. Maybe you want to feel like a mad coffee scientist when you brew your morning coffee.

The glass coffee maker can handle up to eight cups in one brew and includes a polished wood collar and leather tie for extra class. You can keep your coffee warm by placing the coffee maker directly on a glass stove top or gas flame over low heat. Do not place it directly on an electric coil, though—it can damage or break the carafe. Worried about ordering a glass carafe? Pykal takes the worry away with extra thick borosilicate glass that can withstand direct low heat from stove tops and piping hot coffee.

A Lot can Happen Over Coffee - English Subtitles - Awesome Machi

The double layered mesh filter is made of surgical-grade stainless steel for extra rust resistance. Each kit comes with two brushes to make sure your three-cup carafe and filter are thoroughly cleaned between brews. This five-cup pour over coffee maker is a perfect centerpiece for a coffee get-together. It has a permanent, reusable stainless steel filter with two layers of mesh to ensure a clean brew, plus a wide handle and spout for easy pouring.

Their six-cup pour over brewer includes a plastic, BPA-free cone with a glass carafe so you can brew for a crowd or your own high-caffeine needs in one shot. The filter cone is dishwasher safe top rack only , so cleanup is also a cinch. It also comes with a coffee scoop and five filters to get you started. Important: We love coffee just as much as the next connoisseur, but we also care about our health. For anyone who wants to understand social networks and how to use them effectively for work and career!

V60 Pour Over Coffee

Now we can talk to just about anyone, anywhere, anytime. Who you know has always been as important as what you know, and social or business networks ie, groups of people connecting together with a common interest have existed since time began. Your connections are instrumental in everything from business deals or career progression to finding the best restaurant or beach to visit on holiday.

Discover the best networking opportunities while at a conference, trade show, or professional event.

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Networking basics are important for any entrepreneur to know. Skip to content. A business card alone is disposable and can be discarded or lost easily. Sharing your contact details by mobile will create a permanency in their contact list and they will recognize it is you when you make that follow up call.

How to Make the Perfect Coffee with the Hario V60

Be late. The person you are meeting with has made the time to meet with you and being late suggests that the meeting is not that important to you. Let them know that you have made them your priority and if you are unavoidably detained let them know in advance. You are not meeting with this person to make a sale.

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You are meeting this person to understand how you can provide a solution for them. Dress inappropriately for the meeting. If you are representing your business you need to dress accordingly. Your appearance is important and the effort you put in will be recognized. Be conscious of your body language when you communicate.

Ask yourself this question: If you were meeting this person in your office how would you sit, stand and act. The formality of the office does not exist in the coffee shop environment. How you engage should still be as professional and courteous though. A casual approach can be seen as dismissive and they may not see you, as a representative of your business, as a serious or trustworthy opportunity. Be prepared. Stand up when the person you are meeting arrives, face them, make eye contact and shake their hand firmly. Making that little bit of effort shows them that you feel they are an important person to connect and do business with.

Always start the discussion with…. Tell me a little bit about your business and what you do.

Everybody loves to talk about themselves and this makes you look receptive and open to learn what they have to offer. Listen intently and take notes. Be attentive and write down notes either on your tablet or notebook highlighting and underlining important points of discussion.