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Dealing With Email

I am a digital marketing consultant and I always run short of time. Now The most important thing I learned here.

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Do less! In which quadrant do the billable working hours go? And the training hours? All ringers off. I only respond to phone messages 11ap daily: phone goes on, answered in order of receipt, and return calls made. At noon, off. My clients must pre-pay to have an appointment so all bookings handled via bookeo.

Similar to calendly but with ability to require payment. Preview type appointments are restricted to 11ap and can also be booked hands off. Time blocks.

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Easy to over-ride. And because 3 over-ride happens. I create small panic appointments. A quick, externally dependent appointment that forces me to get something wrapped up anything before I go. I tried to make gym visits be that thing, but being 10 minutes late or not going is too much of an option so I book appointments anywhere I can — apple store, coffee shop, sephora, etc. Not a random visit, but a booked appointment whenever possible.

Have a LOT of pre-work done for you.

4 Time Management Tips For Work-Life Balance

I have a VA do the background legwork on comps and details. I obsess over the details, but someone else puts the first 4 hours of work in front of me to consume in 5 minutes. Well structured VAs at a variety of price points is lovely!!! From mturks to fancyhands to Jaz in Manila to Lucy in London.

Gave up my black tea. It turns out that despite feeling more focused, my productivity is not enhanced with caffeine. With experiments I discovered that none was consistently better than any. Who knew. Paying attention to my own wiring — frame of reference — not fighting against it has been key.

18 responses to “Time Management Tips of Insanely Busy People”

All of which gives me time to poke around in places I would not normally land. All-in-all, better for my creative energy. Thank you for writing me this letter. Oh wait, it was for you? My mistake, it sounded so familiar. This was so well written and compelling, Joanna. I had the same problems in My goal for is quite similar: do more, with less time spent doing. Your day sounds a bit like mine. I gotta finish 50 things! I recently just got the Pomotodo app and knowing that 25 minutes is the max that a human concentrations is … like… incredibly stress lifting. I create a task, turn it on. Genius app.

Time Management Secrets For Busy People

Lots of good stuff. Joanna, there is so much good stuff in here. Great resource. It was cool to read the part about closing tabs in your browser. Thank you for sharing your article. Joanna, this was really excellent. One of my biggest distractions is noodling on my phone when I should be working. Holy time management, Joanna! It made me feel anxious and relieved at the same time.

You’ve Been Thinking of Your Day All Wrong

Anxious in that I can totally relate to the dilemma you so perfectly described. Every damn sentence in your post is tweetable on its own. I think you might become my new spirit guide! My anxious spirit can try to guide you, but it might be an erratic, caffeine-driven journey in circles. Hopefully not. Wow, I enjoyed this SO much. Have taken away so much from this. Love this so much! Brilliant writing. Awesome post Joanna! Thoughtful post! Because I started my business to support staying home with my daughter, I built it to fit into the small chunks of time I had.

So I learned very quickly how much I could accomplish in 2 hours a day. Because that was how much time I had to work: 2 hours a day. Yeah, I would not suggest becoming a parent as a time management strategy! But it does help reduce things to their most essential. I have had several people tell me that I MUST decide how I will spend those new hours first, otherwise my existing work and life will expand to fill them, which feels like truth.

Another great post, Joanna! I can totally vouch for that. Being a parent of a 2-year baby made me stop working late in the evening and on weekends. And this made me and my wife more conscious of how we were using out time because we had some clear boundaries and working late at night was no longer an option especially when you had not been sleeping at night for almost 6 months. Now I just need to add a 4-minute spot to my calendar to review Pomello App and another 3 for the journal.

By focusing too much of that energy away from ourselves, we deplete our happiness and sources of creativity. Just think of what will happen when more of that energy gets flipped toward ourselves.

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  5. The cool thing about Italy is the sketchy Internet. Sketchy Internet!?! Wow, this post sums up SO well. Saves so much willpower every day! Facebook is next. Thanks for the tip, Camilla! Joanna—I loved this piece. I think everyone who works for themselves or remotely has these issues.

    Time management secrets for busy entrepreneurs |

    Great point — now I just have to get some strategies in place to say no better so I can pay myself first. A big struggle is around whether I should say no to something or not. And, for the most part, I feel like I do hire myself. This is the kind of thing that needs constant training and coaching to get it to stick. Lollygag Herself being in charge of writing stuff about time management. I mentally crash out at about 3pm. This is when I shut my mind off completely and exercise. I have a trainer who tels me what to do and when to stop. All I have to do is push my body hard.

    I've found that the next few hours after a workout are peak mental energy, especially creative energy. So I focus on high value tasks and learning for a few more hours before shutting off for the night. Energy optimization is a key to good time management so know your cycles and schedule for them appropriately. I dig the plan to go from 15 to 9 hours. It typically takes me a month or two to implement everything after I do this exercise. I find I'm much more likely to make lasting change if I do it gradually. I would echo Becky's comments about planning around energy states.

    I find the morning and early afternoon are high energy and then I really dip around 4pm which is when I tend to workout and maybe read a bit. I also try to get a clear 1 priority each day. Some days a bunch of stuff comes up and that one thing is all I get done the entire day.