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The pieces are there to slowly build a strong brand and community, nibbling away at the greater travel pie. Tortuga is minimalist. The color pallet is more or less black, white, and grey. The menu contains four options: Shop, About, Contact, Blog.

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The product descriptions are light and straightforward. And all of this mirrors their products. Say no to excess! Visitors are heading to the catalog whether they like it or not. These, of course, require an email for capture which funnels visitors to the almighty email distribution list to later introduce new or old product lines.

But they are polite and upfront with their intentions:.

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Content has been king and queen for Tortuga over the years. Their subjects tends to be travel strategy and logistics with Tortuga backpacks sprinkled throughout the posts, so not too much of a surprise:.

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What was surprising was the amount of guest posting. But keep in mind this is a remote-first company, so this freelance method fits their DNA. Discontinuing Medium efforts has been a growing movement.

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This shift in distribution also shifted content strategy. On Your Terms pieces covered a wider range of topics: travel, entrepreneurship, travel gear, remote work, work-life balance, etc. Packsmith is all in on driving Tortuga visitors towards gear sales. Rolling Clothes for Packing: Which is Better? Going too wide into heavily sedated categories e.

We approve of the double-down on traveling-with-gear-and-intelligence thoughts. Tortuga's keeps their content light and fun with a dash of inspirational posting. Product placements are in a large percentage of their posts, hero images, and links. We dug into the Tortuga site:. Shopify is a crowd favorite for small-to-medium shops. Google is Google. Their Analytics feature is cheap, easy to setup, and connected to almost everything on the web. Kissmetrics lets the Tortuga team take one step further with site visitors.

Instead of tracking visitors in isolated sessions, Kissmetrics allows for lifetime journey stories which leads to more accurate targeting.

Don't be a quitter. Their discovery puts the two friends in the sights of conspirators and killers that will stop at nothing to see their plans fulfilled. Steve and Paul must evade the killers, escape the islands and save the world. Of course, they have no training, no allies and no idea what they're doing. They're not really in the best shape. And, Paul's really not the brightest guy. The Pages Turn Themselves! Actually, that's not true. You still have to do that.

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The action unfolds across the chain of luxury islands with boat chases, car chases, blazing guns, beautiful women, charging rhinos, castles okay, it's just one castle daring escapes, dirty limericks, deadly villains and more. Read the thrilling adventure that spent over a year at the top of the charts.


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Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. June 27, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. If you like madcap mayhem with plenty of adventure and violence sprinkled with good, but too little comedy relief, this is the book for you.

It is not my "best cup of tea" but it is so well written I couldn't put it down for any longer than absolutely necessary. I had to give it a 5 for what I consider to be excellent writing whether I really like so much "action" or not. Rising ocean temperatures and increased nitrogen flow from human-developed landscapes makes reefs more vulnerable to mass bleaching events, which in turn increases mortality.

With no coral, the ocean floor can no longer support the fish, sharks, and other aquatic species that call the reef structures home.

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When I snorkeled in the Dry Tortugas five years ago, I swam amidst fish schools of all colors, floated above the waving sea fans, kept my eyes out for sea turtles. Today, the reefs within the national park look much the same, but scientists are in a race against time to save coral reefs from a novel threat: stony coral tissue loss disease. Disease is not new; corals have been ravaged off and on by pestilence throughout their evolution.

What's different this time? First reported in Miami, the pandemic has now covered miles from Palm Beach all the way to Key West.