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Ahead of the premiere, find out everything you need to know about the second series of the popular medical drama…. Of course, viewers can also catch the medical thriller when it lands on BBC iPlayer shortly after airing. While it doesn't appear that season one is available on iPlayer, fans can watch clips from the original series on the BBC website. He faces a new enemy when patients on his hospital ward start dying unexpectedly around him.

Jamie believes the deaths are suspicious, but, unable to move, his investigation is dangerous and difficult. With everyone in the department hiding a secret, catching a culprit seems like an impossible task. But with Jamie's behaviour becoming increasingly erratic, is the threat real or imagined?

The new standard of physical therapy education

When he arrives on the spinal unit, he's angry, uncooperative and refuses to talk about his injury. But what has really happened to Jamie, and is he a man we can trust? When a number of patients died around him under mysterious circumstances, Jamie was determined to reveal the truth. Dr Watson is starting to act very strange, is he the killer? TrustMe pic.

Trust Me Lyrics

However, she became a suspect over Jamie's physical health and was later taken by police officers for interrogation. Zoe got released and secretly met with Jamie in the hospital's basement, telling him that she's not the one behind the crimes.

Determined to find out the truth, Jamie got into clinical lead Archie Watson's office, where he found a suspicious briefcase. But after a brief moment, Archie returned to the office and threatened to call security.

Trust Me (Ep. 266 Rebroadcast)

However, it was then revealed that the person behind the crimes was nurse Debbie, aka the 'Angel of Death', who admitted killing other patients just to save them from suffering. Still, as much as viewers were waiting for the big revelation, many were annoyed that the whole episode was too dark to watch.

Could someone please pay the light bill or get a flashlight? Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Trust Me Lyrics You're so afraid our love won't last Living in the past Pretending you don't see You're walking with those eyes of fear Through walls that aren't there Open up to me Trust me Never be afraid I've never fooled you with those words That hungry girls have heard Whispered in the dark I've never played love like a game Or put you through the pain Of hiding from your heart Trust me Never be afraid, baby Trust me Open Up Your Heart Trust me Never be afraid You're always looking for the lie Of foul play in my eyes Trying to play it smart How can I show you how I feel When you say nothing's real And take my words apart Trust me Never be afraid, baby Trust me Open Up Your Heart Open up your heart.

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More on Genius. Percussion Bill Summers. Electric Bass Eddie Watkins.

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